Yahel Avigur’s teaching schedule

Welcome to Yahel Avigur’s webpage, which is meant to provide information on his teaching schedule.

Yahel Avigur is a meditator and a Dharma teacher. After training in Theravada and Insight-meditation traditions, he became a student of the late Rob Burbea, that also trained him to teach. He teaches in-person retreats in Israel and the UK, online courses in English together with other teachers that worked with or were trained by Rob, and online and in-person courses and groups in Hebrew.

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MonthIn-person and online retreatsOnline coursesOccasional
July 23
August 23אמנות השלווה: ריטריט סמאדהי מקוון ופיזי (תל אביב)

Emptiness summer sessions with Susy Keely

Exploring Analytical Practices – Establishing the View of Emptiness, with Juha Penttilä
27.7: GH Dharma Hall
September 23The Eye of the Heart: Tracing a Path to Soulfulness; Residential Retreat With Catherine McGee In Gaia HouseFoundations of a Soulmaking Dharma: Re-evaluating Emptiness, Imagination, Sacredness and Desire An online study and practice course guided by Catherine McGee24.8: GH Dharma Hall
October 23Liberating Ways of Looking
Residential Retreat
With Kirsten Kratz In Gaia House

November 23Gaia House personal/group residential retreat 2 weeks/1 month
December 23‘Freedom in everything’ – a week of emptiness practice with Juha Pentilla
ריטריט חנוכה עם קרן ארבל


As things are still forming for 2024, changes are expected. Details and links will be added gradually.

January 24Gladdening the Heart – Samadhi/Jhana retreat 5 – 12.1
סוף שבוע ב-אבו גוש, 17 – 20.1
24.1 – 2.2 ריטריט סמאדהי/ג׳האנה – 10 ימים בעין דור
Approaching Emptiness (W. Susy Keely) – to March
Deepening SMD course (W. Catherine McGee) – to March
February 24לראות היטב (תובנה) – עד אפריל
March 246 – 9.3 בעין דורAnatta and Emptiness practices (W. Juha Penttilä) – to May
April 2426.4-3.5 Liberating Wisdom: Emptiness retreat W. Juha Penttilä, Nirodha, FinlandSamadhi course (W. Sari Markkanen) – to May 
May 2420 – 27 Calm and contented heart W. Sari Markkanen, Gaia house
June 2421-29 Eye of the Heart, W. Catherine McGee, GHלראות היטב (תובנה) עד אוגוסט
Deepening Soulmaking (W. Catherine McGee) – to August
July 24Emptiness Summer sessions (W. Susy Keely) – to August
August 24
September 24Foundations for Soulmaking (W. Catherine McGee) – to Dec.
Deepening Soulmaking (W. Catherine McGee) – to Dec.
Deepening Emptiness (W. Susy Keely) – to Dec.
October 2411-18, Liberaing Ways of Looking, W. Kirsten Kratz, Online, GH
November 2420-29 עם קרן ארבל בעין דורלראות היטב (תובנה) – עד ינואר
December 24